Meet my family

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Carlos Castellano

Carlos has been a Morristown resident for 18 years. He graduated Morristown High School in 2009 and then he attended Brigham Young University. 
He has volunteered for many organizations in the area to always help his community. 
Carlos has an entrepreneurial and creative personality, and has successfully combined them both to launch businesses in the area, which create jobs in Morristown. These businesses include Carlos Cast Home Studio in Morristown, a painting company, and a contractor company that support Morris County.
He enjoys music and is a huge animal lover. Carlos is also a family man and believes that family is the most important thing in his life. 

Judith Diaz

Judith moved to the United States from Honduras over 20 years ago with just a bag full of dreams.
Since she arrived to the USA she has worked so hard to provide to her family, sometimes having 3 jobs at the same time! She’s an avid business woman and has been her entire life.
In 2014 she launched the first version of her cleaning company among other businesses in the Morristown area.
In her free time she likes to rest, talk on the phone with friends, cook for her family and drive around our beautiful Morristown.

Andres Chiviliu "Andresito"

The youngest of the family and the light of the house. Andres is Judith’s 12 years old son and Carlos’ youngest brother.
Since 2017 he has have his own pet sitter business and has quite a few loyal clients. He’s a huge animal lover, and his current dream is for his mom to let him have a dog of his own.
He enjoys napping (a lot), video games, and hanging out with his friends.